Ohio baseball betting

With baseball betting now legal in Ohio, bettors can place wagers on their favorite baseball games. Our guide will help you how to bet on baseball in Ohio, with the best odds available for baseball games. To start your Ohio baseball betting journey, follow our easy steps with our tips and tricks.

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How to bet on baseball in Ohio

Legal baseball betting is an entirely new concept in Ohio. Hence, not many people know much about it. However, the Legislative Service Commission of Ohio believes that sports wagering can help rake in up to $3.3 billion annually.

With the Governor having signed off House Bill 29 into law, it is just a matter of time before Ohio baseball betting sites begin to appear.

If you are looking to open a baseball betting account in one of the baseball sportsbooks in Ohio, don’t hesitate. Registration is simple, allowing you to grab the best baseball odds in Ohio. Check out our full guide on how to bet in OH.

Setting up a baseball betting account in Ohio

To set up a baseball betting account in Ohio, follow this easy procedure:

  • Choose a trusted baseball sportsbook from the various baseball operators in Ohio.
  • Download the application on your mobile device if need be.
  • Click on the sign-up or registration button on the Ohio baseball sites and provide your details.
  • Claim any sign-up offers available.
  • Top up your wallet through any of the available payment methods.
  • Look for the baseball section and pick matches with the best baseball odds in Ohio.
  • Place a bet on Ohio baseball games you prefer and wait for results.

Best baseball betting sites in Ohio

HB29 allows for both retail and online baseball sportsbooks in Ohio and we’re confident that several online bookmakers will soon join the market. Among them, the following brands will be offering  the best baseball betting online in Ohio:

Bonuses for baseball in Ohio

If you are a new customer, check out the Ohio sign up bonus page for more information about the great deals and visit our Ohio Sports Betting promos & bonus codes website to find all the best offers for online baseball betting or any other sport.

Ohio baseball odds

Baseball Ohio sports betting sites use odds to show how likely or unlikely they feel a game’s outcome will be. All baseball odds in Ohio are listed in numbers with positive or negative signs placed before them.

A plus (+) sign represents the underdog team, while a negative (-) sign shows the favorite, as per the oddsmaker. The higher the number next to the negative sign, the more likely the oddsmaker considers the outcome to be. Bear this in mind when placing any bets.

Ensuring the odds work

First things first, you have to understand what the positive and negative signs stand for. This helps you gauge the likelihood of an outcome occurring.

If the odds have a negative sign, the number indicated shows how much you must wager to make a $100 profit. For instance, suppose Team A has -125 odds to beat Team B. Then, a bettor will need to wager $125 to make a $100 profit if Team A wins.

However, if the odds have a plus sign, the number shows how much profit you will make for every $100 staked. So, now suppose that Team A has +115 odds of beating Team B. Then, every $100 stake placed on them will earn you $115 profit.

Baseball bet types in Ohio

When it comes to baseball betting in Ohio, there’s a wide array of markets you can choose from. There are various opportunities, but you may end up losing if you don’t understand the different baseball picks in your slip.

Here are the most common baseball bet types in Ohio:

Moneyline baseball

This is the simplest and most common type of baseball bet you can make. Moneyline betting refers to the wager placed on the outright winner of any match wagered on.

In Ohio, these types of baseball picks usually give gamblers two options to choose from when wagering. As such, moneylines are one of the sports wagering markets that are pretty easy to understand.

Ohio baseball spreads

These bets are used to even out odds between underdogs and favorites. In simple terms, spread wagering is where the favorites get a specific number of points handicap. In contrast, the underdogs get a similar number of points as a head start.

If you bet on the favorites to win, they have to win by more than the number of points indicated. Also, if you bet on the underdogs, they must lose by fewer points than the head start they were awarded. However, if the underdog wins or ties, the wager is also a win because of the head start.

Over/Under or Totals

When baseball betting Ohio, you are also bound to encounter the totals market. This is where you wager on whether the total score will be under or over the points indicated.

For instance, if you place a bet of over 8.5 points, it means that both teams must make a total of 9 combined runs. When baseball betting Ohio, you will encounter totals closely resembling this:

  • Total Points: 8.5 Odds
  • Over -115
  • Under -105

Additionally, you can wager on the total number of points each team will score. Here, you bet on whether the team’s final score will be under or over the bookie’s indicated points.


Prop bets are wagers where you can bet on other stuff apart from the winner or total points. They are a common and fun-filled way of wagering on baseball picks in Ohio.

A good example would be betting on a player scoring the first home run. You can also predict which player will score the highest number of runs in a particular match and so on.

Ohio baseball parlay bets

This market allows you to combine different baseball picks in Ohio. It allows you to create a bigger bet on baseball Ohio with higher odds. The more baseball picks you to add to your parlay bet slip, the higher the total odds.

With that said, you must understand that all your picks must win for the parlay to succeed. Higher odds indicate how difficult it is for the wager to succeed. Totals closely resemble this:

  • Parlay Bet Odds: Teams A, B, and C — all to win +625.

Rules for Baseball betting in Ohio

When baseball betting in Ohio, you must get acquainted with the basic bookie rules. This is necessary to help you avoid any surprises when things go contrary to your plans. So here’s a detailed look at some basic rules to guide you through baseball betting Ohio:

Canceled and postponed baseball games

If a match is put off and does not start as scheduled, players have the option to claim their stakes back. However, if the game is interrupted or canceled for whatever reason, bets will also be called off, and money refunded.

Wagering limits on Ohio baseball sportsbooks

Each baseball sportsbook has maximum and minimum limits on how much a person can bet on a baseball game. So, you can’t wager amounts less or more than those limits.


Players only receive their payouts for any successful bet on baseball in Ohio after the game ends. It does not matter if the outcome has already been determined before the end of the game.

Additional time

All outcomes in baseball betting Ohio must consider the added time — also known as injury time. The games isn’t finished until any added time has run down as well.

Sitting player(s)

If you wager on a player, and they sit out the entire game for whatever reason, you’ll get your stake back. That aside, if the player you bet on plays and gets an injury during the match, your bet still counts. It’s good to be aware of this risk when placing bets on individual players in Ohio baseball matches.

Tips and tricks to baseball betting in Ohio

Baseball betting in Ohio is usually fun if you know the best strategies. But, most importantly, you should know what to avoid when betting. So here are some easy tips to help you take advantage of the baseball odds in Ohio.

Place baseball wagers a few minutes to first pitch

Bettors tend to place wagers a few hours or days before a match. This is a rookie mistake in baseball betting. Instead, make it a habit of betting on baseball after starting lineups are out— a few minutes to first pitch.

Also, this allows you to enjoy the best baseball odds in Ohio. Moreover, you can tell if a player does not show up, or has an injury, thus avoiding a totally wasted bet.

Avoid spreads with huge disparities

Bookies often tend to offer double-digit spreads when underdog teams face the more dominant teams. This is usually because the house’s favorite will most likely record the desired win.

Nonetheless, the match’s final score is usually unpredictable, so do not take chances. In some cases, underdog teams will cut into a dominant team’s lead, thereby reducing the spread. As a result, favorite teams usually pay attention to wins rather than point spreads.

Constantly evaluate each team’s abilities

Bettors who are a home team’s ardent fans will always overestimate that team’s abilities. Understandably, as a resident of Ohio, you will always want the Cleveland Indians or the Cincinnati Reds to win. However, do not just bet on baseball teams because you want them to win.

Ohio responsible baseball wagers

Betting on baseball games should be fun but can become addictive for some sportsbook customers. It’s important to always set a budget for any gambling activity and never exceed this by using other funds. If you suspect that you are developing gambling issues that are effecting your life in a negative way, it’s important to seek help immediately.

For Ohio residents, several organizations, such as the state’s OVEP, have put resources in place to support gamblers with addiction issues. They help by restricting problem gamblers’ access to sportsbooks. Moreover, baseball betting Ohio sites will need to provide punters with the option to set deposit, wager, and loss limits.

History of baseball betting Ohio

Sports wagering has been on the agenda in Ohio since the 1940s. However, the senate and the house always differed regarding the legalization of gambling. Until November 2021 gambling on sports wasn’t looking possible in the Buckeye State, with legislators having varied opinions.

Here’s a brief insight into what has been happening as far as baseball betting is concerned.

  • On December 8, 2021, both houses passed amendments to House Bill 29.
  • On December 22, 2021, Gov. Mike DeWine signed off on the bill. This, in turn, made gambling, including baseball betting, legal in Ohio.
  • And on January 24, 2022, the OCCC issued the first set of regulations for the smooth running of the state’s baseball betting industry.


To conclude, baseball betting in Ohio is a broad gambling market. It is expected to attract investors from all over the US, and overseas if possible. With the launch of baseball sportsbooks on Ohio sites, punters are set to enjoy competitive baseball odds in Ohio. This will also provide bettors with several markets to bet on in the state.

Nonetheless, don’t forget to read all the state’s laws and regulations about baseball betting. And, as online baseball betting sites launch, make sure to choose only the best. The operators have a wide range of sports to bet on like:

FAQ baseball betting in Ohio

Is baseball betting Ohio legal?

Yes, sports wagering, including baseball betting in Ohio, is perfectly legal. The Governor signed House Bill 29 into law, which legalized baseball betting Ohio. Bettors should expect online baseball sportsbooks in Ohio to go live before January 2023.

What is the minimum age allowed for baseball betting Ohio?

Like the other 32 US states with legalized gambling, the legal age for baseball betting Ohio is 21 years. This is not only for online baseball betting but also for retail betting houses in Ohio.

Can I avoid making mistakes in baseball sportsbooks Ohio?

Yes, you can. For newbies to baseball betting Ohio, the chances of making mistakes are high. You can avoid some by observing the tips and tricks discussed in this article.

Are baseball sportsbooks in Ohio better than offshore?

Although offshore bookies can provide an alternative for Ohio residents, they are illegal in the state. Therefore, trusting them with your money is a personal huge risk and is strongly advised against.

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