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Every night thousands of fans tune in to enjoy their favorite basketball games in Ohio. An increasing number of them place bets on their favorite players and teams at via Ohio basketball betting. Nevertheless, some ardent basketball fans do not know much about basketball betting in Ohio. Because legal basketball sportsbooks in Ohio is an entirely new concept, our guide below will tell you all you need to know to get started…

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Legalizing basketball betting in Ohio

On December 8, 2021, Legislators in both the Senate and the House passed the amendments to House Bill 29. Two weeks later, on December 22, 2021, Governor Mike DeWine signed the House bill into law. This was done to have legal basketball betting Ohio in place by 2023. This would make it the 33rd US state to legalize sportsbooks.

The House Bill 29 amendments allow for sports teams, casinos, stadiums, restaurants, and bars to seek gambling licensing. Moreover, mobile phone applications that offer basketball sportsbooks in Ohio will also be legal.

They will all be regulated by the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC).

Tax on basketball sportsbooks in Ohio

The Legislative Service Commission of Ohio estimated that sports wagering only could produce close to 3.3 billion annually. The Buckeye state will charge a 10% tax on revenue earned. 98% of the proceeds will fund private and public K-12 education. The remaining proceeds will go toward assisting with problem gambling.

With that said, it is now simply a matter of time before legal basketball online betting on Ohio sites goes live. This will make the Buckeye state a prominent market in the United States for sports wagering.

Stay tuned as we keep you in the loop about all the latest updates concerning basketball sportsbooks in Ohio.

How to bet on basketball in Ohio

In case you are looking to open a basketball wagering account in one of the Ohio sports betting basketball sites, don’t falter. The whole process is pretty simple, allowing you to enjoy the best basketball odds in Ohio. Read our guide for how to bet on sports in Ohio.

Setting up an Ohio basketball betting account

Setting up an account to bet on basketball in Ohio is simple. Here’s the procedure to follow:

  • Pick a trusted legal site from the many basketball sportsbooks in Ohio.
  • Download the OH betting apps on your computer or mobile phone, if need be.
  • Click on the sign-up or registration button in the basketball sportsbooks and input your details.
  • Enter any codes you have to enjoy welcome offers by the bookie.
  • Deposit money into your account — done on the cashier page by selecting a preferred payment method.
  • Look for the basketball section and pick games with the best basketball odds in Ohio.
  • Place a bet on basketball Ohio games that tickle your tastes and enjoy!

Best basketball sportsbooks in Ohio 🏀

As mentioned earlier, the basketball betting Ohio law allows for both retail and online sports wagering. Therefore, every sportsbook is expected to offer competitive basketball odds in Ohio.

But, of course, we will only be sure of the bookies to expect when the OCCC gives the exact order and rules for licensing. That aside, we are confident that these bookies among others will be offering basketball betting in Ohio:

These sportsbooks have some of the best sports betting promos & bonus codes in Ohio. Check it out and take part in the popular sign-up bonus, for example!

Obviously, the list is by no means exhaustive since other online basketball betting Ohio sportsbooks will join in along the way. However, the OCCC has to shortlist them before launching.

How Ohio basketball odds work

There are many ways you can bet on basketball in Ohio games. One of the preferred methods is wagering on the absolute winner of a single basketball game. You can do this by placing a bet during or before the game. However, you can only do live basketball betting in Ohio during a game if the bookie allows live betting.

Ensuring the basketball odds work in your favor

First things first, Ohio basketball bookies set odds on teams based on the realistic winning chances in a game. With that said, Negative (-) numbers usually indicate the favorite team, while the positive (+) ones designate the underdog.

To understand how to bet on basketball in Ohio, we will use examples.

Say, for instance, Cleveland Cavaliers (Cavs) have a game against a team like the New York Knicks. New York Knicks have -120 of winning while the Cavs have +110.

This shows that the NY Knicks are the bookie’s slight favorites. Also, it means that for one to earn a profit of $110 on the Cavaliers, they have to stake $100. On the other hand, to earn a $100 on the NY Knicks, they will have to stake $120.

Obviously, it is not a must that you stake the amounts mentioned above to bet on basketball odds in Ohio. Mostly, odds usually relate to a $100 profit or stake for easy calculations. If you are live wagering on a game, you will notice odds shifting based on the ongoing and current scores.

Additionally, each basketball game’s odds can shift before it begins. This is usually due to liquidity as bookies strive to attract a roughly equivalent number of wagers on either side. Basketball betting Ohio sportsbooks do this to guarantee themselves profits at the end of the day. As it is, “the house always wins!”

In the example above, if you place more bets in favor of the Cavs, the Ohio basketball sportsbook will ensure that the odds on the Knicks become more attractive.

Basketball bet types in Ohio

Basketball betting in Ohio can be challenging, especially since it is a new concept in the state. With the launch deadline fast approaching, betting sites are working day and night to ensure players get a smooth experience.

That’s why you’ll find several betting options in the state, as we are about to explain below. Let’s have a closer look at the Moneylines, point spreads, and totals with regard to basketball online betting Ohio.


A Moneyline bet is a basketball betting Ohio wager placed on the winner of a game. Basketball betting Ohio is such an interesting game since there is always a clear winner within the game. So, it is no surprise that most players will go the Moneyline way when placing a bet on basketball in Ohio.

Point Spreads

Because basketball is such a high-scoring sport, the games offered by bookies are great for point spreads. These spreads are often done in a way to even out matchups to make underdogs equally appealing to wager on. Here is an example of how point spread bets in a basketball league can be:

  • Team A (+8.5) — 105
  • Team B (+8.5) — 115

Team B is the slight favorite to win the game in this instance. However, to make a bet much more interesting, the bookie is taking 8.5 from their total and adding them to Team A. This helps even out the odds effectively.

Also, it means that players can only cash their bets if Team B wins by at least 10 points. On the other hand, betting on Team A cashes out only if it loses by nine points, or outrightly wins.

Totals for basketball in OH

Lastly, another common bet on basketball in Ohio is the totals, also known as Under/Over. This kind of bet revolves around the total points scored by both teams rather than the winner. For example, a bookie will provide a line — say, 200.5. The players therefore have to choose if the total score will be fewer or more than the set 200.5. Also, players can place under/over bets on the total points that either team will score individually.

Rules for basketball betting Ohio

While doing your basketball online betting in Ohio, you must familiarize yourself with the bookie’s rules. This is necessary in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when things go contrary to your expectations. The following are some basic rules to guide you through basketball betting in Ohio:

Postponed games

In case a game is canceled or does not commence as scheduled, players have the option to claim their stake back.

Canceled games

In case a game is interrupted or canceled for whatever reason, bets will also be canceled and stakes refunded.

Ohio basketball betting limits

Each bookie has maximum and minimum limits on how much a person can bet on a basketball game.


Players only receive their payouts for any successful bet on basketball Ohio after the game ends. It does not matter if the outcome has already been determined before the end of the game.

Overtime / Additional time

All outcomes in basketball online betting in Ohio are usually considered over time — also known as injury/additional time.

Players benching

If you wager on a player and sit out the entire game for whatever reason, your stake is refunded. That aside, if the player you bet on plays and gets an injury during the match, your bet still counts.

Tips and Tricks for basketball betting in Ohio

Basketball betting in Ohio is usually fun if you know the perfect strategies to use. But, most importantly, you should know what to avoid when betting. Here are some easy traps to avoid so that you can take advantage of basketball odds in Ohio.

Don’t be an ardent home fan

Punters who are also a team’s die-hard fans will always overestimate the abilities of the team. As a resident of the Buckeye State, you will always want The Cavs to win, and it’s understandable.

However, do not just bet on basketball Ohio teams because you wish that they win, or you trust your gut. It’s the old head v heart dilemma.

Instead, look at the real-world stats and let them guide your choices.

Avoid wagering on point spreads with notable discrepancies

Mostly when underdog teams face the more dominant teams, bookies tend to give double-digit spreads. This is because the house’s favorite will most likely record the desired win.

Nevertheless, the match’s final score is usually unpredictable, so do not take chances. In some cases, underdog teams will cut into a dominant team’s lead, thus narrowing the spread. Dominant teams usually pay attention to wins rather than point spreads.

Placing bets too early

This is a common mistake in online basketball betting in Ohio. Players tend to place wagers a few hours or even days before a match. Therefore, it is usually wise to bet on basketball Ohio when starting lineups are released — a few minutes to kick-off.

This allows you to enjoy the best basketball odds in Ohio. Also, at least then you can tell if a player has an unprecedented injury or if they do not show up.

Basketball sportsbooks Ohio conclusion

To sum up, basketball betting in Ohio is a big market that will attract investors and bettors. In addition, most bookies promise to offer the best basketball odds in Ohio as soon as they launch. Bettors should therefore expect lots of markets to bet on basketball in Ohio.

Unfortunately, gambling can be quite addictive for some players. Thankfully, several organizations have put into place lots of resources to support and help problem gamblers within the Buckeye State.

Organizations such as the Ohio Voluntary Exclusion Program help bettors restrict access to gambling places. Also, basketball betting Ohio sites are expected to give bettors the option to set wager, loss, and deposit limits.

Sportsbook operators in Ohio have a wide range of sports to bet on like:

FAQ Ohio basketball betting

Is basketball betting in Ohio legal?

Yes, sports wagering including basketball online betting in Ohio, is perfectly legal. Even though sportsbooks and betting apps have not launched yet, residents should expect them to go live before Jan. 2023. Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 29 into law, which legalized basketball betting in Ohio.

What is the legal age for basketball betting in Ohio?

Just like every other state in the US, the legal age for basketball betting in Ohio is 21 years. This is not only for basketball online betting in Ohio but also for retail locations.

Are offshore basketball betting sportsbooks safe?

This has created an opportunity for offshore sports betting sites. For this reason, these bookies can be considered as alternatives by residents. However, they are illegal in Ohio, and trusting them with your money is a huge risk to be aware of.

How do I avoid mistakes in basketball sportsbooks in Ohio?

For rookies in basketball betting in Ohio, chances are you will make several mistakes over time. However, you can minimize the risks by observing the tips and tricks we’ve mentioned on this page.

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