Former UC Basketball Coach Bob Huggins Arrested: DUI Charge Sends Shockwaves

The apprehension of Bob Huggins, the former basketball coach at the University of Cincinnati (UC), occurred on Friday night due to a DUI charge.

In line with a police report from Pittsburgh, a black SUV was sighted around 8:30 p.m. on Friday, obstructing the road with its driver’s side door ajar. Furthermore, one of the vehicle’s tires had become flat and shredded.

Upon receiving the call, officers arrived at the scene and instructed Huggins to relocate the SUV to a safer position away from traffic. Observing his visible difficulties, they began to suspect that he was under the influence of alcohol. Subsequently, field sobriety tests were conducted, all of which Huggins failed to pass.

Consequently, he was officially accused of driving while under the influence and subsequently released from custody. Huggins is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing at a later date.

Huggins had a prior DUI incident

This is not the first time Huggins has faced a DUI charge. In 2004, he encountered a similar incident in Cincinnati, resulting in a suspension from his position as the head coach at the University of Cincinnati. Following his suspension, Huggins returned for a final season before ultimately resigning due to the non-renewal of his contract.

Following a year away from coaching, Huggins assumed a coaching position at Kansas State. After a year with the Wildcats, he returned to Morgantown, his alma mater, to coach the West Virginia Mountaineers. Throughout college, he has amassed an impressive record of 935 victories and led West Virginia and Cincinnati to the Final Four in 2010 and 1992, respectively.

Furthermore, Huggins was honored to be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame last year.

Apology for a derogatory remark during a radio show

However, 2023 has been challenging for Huggins outside the basketball court. During an impromptu interview on the “Bill Cunningham Show” aired on 700WLW, he uttered a homophobic slur while referring to fans of Xavier University. Recognizing the gravity of his mistake, he issued an apology and committed to donating to Xavier University as a gesture of remorse. will update this story.