Responsible Gambling in Ohio

Now that online gambling is available in many states, it’s vital to ensure that all players can enjoy a safe and secure gambling environment. This means that responsible gambling protocols are a must. In Ohio, many resources are available to do just that.

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Ohio resources for responsible and problem gambling

Here, we take a look at the resources available from the state of Ohio. These are designed to provide transparent, clear information about how to be a responsible gambler. They also cover the points to consider and be aware of to recognize the signs of problem gambling early on.

The Play Responsibly campaign of the Ohio Lottery

As you might expect, the Ohio Lottery Commission has a lot of information available to help players be responsible. This can all be found on the home page of the Ohio Lottery. It has a wealth of information, including treatment options, facts on problem gambling, how to spot the warning signs, and more. 

It’s also got helpful links available too. For instance, you can get a link to the Ohio Voluntary Exclusion Program. This is similar to something provided by various stats and allows you to exclude yourself from playing if you recognize you have an issue.

Through this option, it’s possible to ban yourself from one of the state’s seven racinos and four casinos. There are varying lengths of exclusion times, which can be anywhere from one year to five years. It’s also available on betting apps.

Ohio for Responsible Gambling

Ohio for Responsible Gambling resource is another state initiative. It is a collection of resources from four other agencies operated by the state. These include:

  • Ohio Casino Control Commission
  • Ohio State Lottery
  • Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Ohio State Racing Commission

Throughout all these resources, you can find information on warning signs, tips on Ohio online gambling responsibly, and even treatment options for those players who have been found to have a problem.

Ohio Casino Control Commission

Each state that has legalized gambling has an overseer. For Ohio, this is the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC). This organization primarily ensures that all the available games are unbiased and RNG-certified. On top of that, the OCCC is the organization that provides licenses to both physical and online gambling bodies. Not only that, but it also regulates all gambling to ensure everyone is being compliant.

But that’s not all it does. In addition to all of this, the OCCC has a lot of resources on responsible gambling. These can be found on their website in the section with the same name. There are a variety of different resources, including:

  • How to join the Voluntary Exclusion Program
  • Mental health information
  • Questions to flag problem gamblers
  • Websites for treatment facilities
  • Gambling helpline phone numbers

Problem Gambling Network of Ohio

The last of the Ohio-based resources, the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio, promotes responsible gambling and treatment of problem gamblers. It’s an affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling. This site has an Ohio page with more Ohio-specific gambling resources.

National resources for responsible and problem gambling

On a broader scale, there are also resources on problem and responsible gambling at a national level. This section will examine some of the top national gambling resources and what they can offer problem gamblers.

National Council on Problem Gambling

Also known as the NCPG, the National Council on Problem Gambling is the leading national organization of its kind in the USA. It works with all the states and has programs and facilities to help those affected by problem gambling in one way or another.

Even though this is a national service, players in Ohio can call the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network at the free phone number 800-522-4700. They can find out more about what resources and treatments this organization can offer. It’s also got another number and more resources for Ohio on the specific part of the website for this state.

A live chat, operating 24/7, rounds out these resources here, and it is a valuable option for those looking to get some quick facts or help.

International Center for Responsible Gambling

The International Center for Responsible Gambling (ICRG) is part of the American Gaming Association (AGA). As such, it’s a nonprofit organization that does a lot of funding into research about gambling addiction. The ICRG also provides responsible gambling programs, disseminating information about disorders surrounding gambling, how these can be treated, and the side effects gambling can have.

There are many resources for players on the site, and those aimed at the operators to ensure everyone understands problem gambling properly.

Gamblers Anonymous

This has been one of the oldest help institutions since the 1950s. It’s linked, historically, to Alcoholics Anonymous. As such, it offers a similar 12-step program to help gamblers with problems work their way through rehabilitation.

There’s a helpful website available with a list of 20 questions in yes/no format to help people determine whether they have an issue. It’s often used and is very helpful for those looking to see if a friend or a loved one is suffering from a gambling addiction as well.

There are several hotlines for Ohio players, including in Toledo, Youngstown, Cincinnati, and Dayton.


This self-help organization is all about those who aren’t problem gamblers but might have been affected by one in some form. Typically, this is aimed at family and friends. Like Gamblers Anonymous, it also has a 12-step program and organized meetings for those affected to support one another.


This is a resource for those affected by a family member or friend who is a problem gambler. It has self-help tools, a website with various chat rooms, and online meeting options for those people to get help and support.

What is responsible gambling?

Depending on the context, it has a slightly different meaning. While many may think it simply means playing in moderation, it’s not quite what it means here. However, the real definition for gamblers emphasizes avoiding harming yourself or others while gambling.

There are rules and regulations to guard against this, but they don’t always work. They are aimed at preventing any harm coming to players, though. Whenever gambling becomes legal, states implement additional regulations ensuring that operators are clear and transparent in their provision of responsible gambling information.

Tips for gamblers

There are a few things to consider when playing that can help make you have a better online experience. Take a look:

  • Gamble with money you can afford to lose only
  • Don’t gamble with borrowed funds
  • Track all the money spent on gambling
  • Budget and create limits on spending
  • Don’t play in an emotional state
  • Avoid gambling to cope
  • Ask for help if you feel you need it

Best practices for gambling providers

Providers can also exercise some healthy practices for gamblers, such as:

  • Educating players about responsible gambling and avoiding problems
  • Offer resources
  • Educate their staff
  • Prevent drunk or underage gambling
  • Reduce marketing
  • Set up policies

What is problem gambling?


This is when someone is performing destructive playing behavior. It can be harmful physically and mentally and have far-reaching negative consequences. However, it can go unnoticed as there are more subtle symptoms.

Importance of responsible gambling

For those considering gambling as a fun pastime in Ohio, it’s still crucial to be educated and up to speed with what it means to gamble responsibly. Even if you think you’ve got a handle on things, it’s well worth it to read up on some of the resources to prevent any gambling you do from becoming harmful.

FAQs about responsible gambling in Ohio

How do you ensure responsible gambling in Ohio?

You ensure responsible gambling in Ohio by providing various responsible gambling resources and enforcing transparent practices in providers.

What is considered responsible gambling in Ohio?

Responsible gambling is about cultivating healthy gambling practices.

What is the Ohio responsible gaming principles?

These are that players should not gamble in a way that harms themselves or others.

Who is responsible for the federal gambling law in Ohio?

The Ohio Casino Control Commission is in charge of ensuring all gambling regulations are met.

What is the gambling law for responsible gambling in Ohio?

Ohio allows players to ban themselves and includes other policies and programs to prevent harmful behaviors.