Ohio State VS Michigan State College Football Odds November 25, 2023

Ever since the two universities were announced to qualify for the College Football Playoffs, everyone has been going to lengths to find out the latest odds. The sportsbooks are slated to offer great odds for the upcoming November 25, 2023 game.

Their latest game happened at the Ohio Stadium on November 26, 2022. Michigan State earned the victory with a score of 45-23. But there’s so much more to know about the two teams than just the statistics of their latest game. Especially if you’re willing to wager heavily. 

The good thing is, we’re here to give you a complete guide between Ohio State and Michigan State’s rivalry.

Let’s begin.

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An Introduction to the Ohio State VS Michigan State Spread

The rivalry between the two teams will once again be intensified alongside their renewal for 2023 and qualification for the College Football Playoffs.

The public looks forward to Ohio State University’s (OSU) comeback as they break their two-game losing streak. The point spread ranges from -7.5 to -9 for the majority of the legal and major Ohio sports betting sites

The favored team remains to be Ohio’s Buckeyes, while Michigan’s Wolverines hold the underdog team title.

The Background of Ohio State VS Michigan State


Everyone knows that two teams can play against each other without creating a bitter rivalry.

But that’s certainly not the case for Ohio State and Michigan. When we say the word rivalry, we mean a feud that dated back to their very first match on October 16, 1897. 

And you may ask, what started the friction between the teams? To be honest, no one is really certain of the answer to that question. But many like to believe that their rivalry dates back to the Toledo War of 1835, a disdain that left a bad taste and was passed on to the next generations. 

The Buckeyes (Ohio) and Wolverine’s (Michigan) first game certainly was history for football enthusiasts. In this game, the Wolverines won victoriously and began their years-long winning streak against all the teams they were put up against. 

As a response to the Wolverines’ successes, the Buckeyes hired Paul Brown in the 1940s. This single act resulted in the Buckeyes’ first national title and win against the Wolverines.

Ten years later, Michigan won back its control of the field. 

Right about now, you should already know that Ohio wouldn’t just let that happen. And so, they hired Woody Hayes as their new head coach, which led to an additional five national title wins. Not to mention they won against Michigan with a 12-6 final score. 

The two teams made history between the years of 1969 to 1978. In this decade, they were constantly put up against each other through a series of intense close fights. This ended when the Wolverines’ slightly edged over the Buckeyes. 

This was later known to be the “Ten-Year War” which is embedded in Football history. 


On November 17, 2006, Ohio’s Buckeyes were ranked No. 1 while Michigan’s Wolverines came second. 

Combined, the two teams have earned 171 All-Americans, 10 Heisman Trophies, 80 Conference championships, and 19 National titles. 

But, there’s no changing that Michigan’s Wolverines still hold the title for the most wins in College Football history. 

Best Games

November 25, 1944

This date symbolizes one of Ohio State’s greatest marks in history. Not only did they win over Michigan, but they also had their very first undefeated season. 

The match ended with the Buckeyes ahead by four points over the Wolverines. This was one of their closest games, and it had a final score of 18-14. 

November 25, 1972

On this day, the Buckeyes have once again proven just how much control they have over the football field. What made this match mark in history was the intense turn out that no one expected.

The Ohio State found themselves 7 points behind Michigan within the first rounds of the game. But their defense did not let them down, instead, it allowed them to not only win back the 7 points but also go another three points ahead of Michigan. 

The game ended with a 14-11 score, in favor of the Ohio Buckeyes.

November 21, 1987 

If you paid attention to our short history recap earlier, you would know that Ohio is known to bring in new people to the team and make a great win right after.

But in this game, it was the exact opposite.

Their coach Earle Bruce was fired a few days just before the said game, but by his request, he still got to coach the game for the last time.

The game started with Michigan heavily ahead, but Ohio paid tribute to their coach by winning the game with a score of 23,20. 

November 24, 2001

This historical date marks the Ohio Buckeye’s 14-year losing streak break. 

After losing to the Wolverines for that many years, they knew they had to step up their game. And that is exactly what they did in 2001 as they won 6 points ahead of Michigan with a score of 26-20.

November 18, 2006

As we mentioned earlier, this year, the two teams were alongside each other in the overall rankings. The Buckeyes were No.1 while the Wolverines were No.2. 

And the Buckeyes proved just how deserving they were of this award by winning a match with a 42-39 ending score. This marked history so strongly that it was later known as the “Game of the Century”.

Betting on the Ohio State VS Michigan State Spread: A Complete Guide

Where to Bet

Betting on the Ohio State VS Michigan State game is easier than you think it is. Allow us to guide you through the process.

The first thing you’re going to have to do is to check the list of Ohio sportsbooks that have good odds and sports betting promos for Ohio bettors. Luckily, all major sportsbooks launched on Jan 1, 2023. 

Take your time running through the sportsbooks’ information, histories, and offers. Doing so will allow you to choose whichever best suits you. 

And if you can’t choose, nothing is stopping you from signing up for multiple sportsbooks and placing your bets through them. This way you’ll be able to use more promotions and bonuses. 

Most Popular Bets available for Ohio State VS Michigan State

Point Spread

The point spread bet is a popular favorite of the public, especially when it comes to experienced and professional bettors. The reason behind this is its potential to return investments compared to other betting kinds. And is perfect to use at the next rivalry game.

So what is a point spread?

In a point spread bet, the oddsmakers will release an official point gap that reflects the two opposing team’s skill levels, records, and potentials. The better the team, the higher their points are. 

Whatever number the oddsmakers release, the betting will follow. There are two teams in a point gap: the favored team and the underdog. 

To win this bet, the favored team should win the game more than the given number that the oddsmaker state. On the other hand, the underdog team can win by any score or lose less than the given number. 

This may get confusing so let me provide you with an example. 

Say the oddsmakers release an official point gap of Ohio State -7 (-110) and Michigan +7 (-110). This point gap makes Ohio the favored team and Michigan the underdog. 

If you placed your bet on the Ohio Buckeyes, you will only win if the final score states they won the game 8 points ahead of the Michigan Wolverines. 

But if you placed your bet on the Wolverines, you’ll win if they do, or if they keep the game close (fewer than 6 points).


Let’s talk about Moneyline betting, the simplest, most common, and traditional betting kind.

Beginners tend to favor Moneyline bets as they are easy to understand and get used to.

Here’s an example: Ohio State (-265) and Michigan (+215). In this example, the Ohio Buckeyes are also the favored team, that’s why they have a negative odds number. On the other hand, the underdog will receive a positive number.


And of course, we could never forget about parlays.

While some put their lives on the line claiming that parlay bets are the best of all kinds, some avoid them like a bad omen.

That’s because parlay bets have high rewards and high risks. So your opinion on parlay bets largely relies on your previous experience with it. 

Of course, if your past parlay bet gave you a high reward, you would favor it. And despise it if you lost greatly. So always remember, the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Alternative University Football Rivalries

Harvard VS Yale

Although these universities may not be of high caliber when it comes to football, it is undeniable just how popular and historical their games can get. Ever since their first match in 1875, the two teams have almost exclusively been put up against each other. 

Army VS Navy 

With their physical endurance and mental abilities, these two military institutions have always brought suspense to the public. It has always been a close fight between the two, so the game can be anyone’s, anytime.

Miami VS Florida State

These two teams being put up against each other has always been an intense experience to witness. Even back in the 1990s, the public has always kept up with their records, take note that a number of NFL stars started from these states.

Oklahoma VS Texas

Believe it or not, these two states are the perfect example of a deep rivalry trope, dating back to 1900! Their rivalry has run for so long that it began when Ohio wasn’t even a state. So many things have changed, but their close fights have always stayed the same. This alone gives all football enthusiasts a reason to keep up with their journey.

Alabama VS Auburn

Everyone looks forward to the Alabama-Auburn games for the same reason. And that would be that these two universities have never played against each other for 41 years. Ever since their first game in 2021, the public looks forward to seeing more of their potential.