Totals & Over/Under Betting in Ohio

Ohio betting sites are always looking for ways to boost their income in order to satisfy their investors. One such method is the variety of bet types and one of the most popular and appealing bets in sports betting in Ohio is the over/under.

Therefore, every facet of over/under betting will be covered in this article. You will be able to use over/under bets without any issues after reading this guide.

Totals & Over/Under Betting in Ohio 2023

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Ohio Over/Under betting explained

Most people think of spread betting or betting on the Moneyline when they think about sports betting. However, wagering on the over/under is a pretty famous betting strategy. It’s not difficult to understand over/under, often known as “totals” in the betting world. Although, they differ significantly from the aforementioned bets in that they don’t focus on comparing the performances of the two teams.

Total wagers have no bearing on the result of the game and are merely based on the total number of points scored. Bettors place bets on whether the posted total of runs, goals, or points in a game by a bookmaker will be more or fewer than the actual figure. Almost all sports, including the NFL, college football, NBA, MLB, and NCAA basketball, offer over/under wagering.

Best online sportsbooks in Ohio that offer Over/Under odds


Over/under betting is an excellent wagering option. As a result, locating Ohio betting sites that provide over/under bets and have a presence in Ohio is becoming more common and necessary. We’ll include the top Ohio sports betting apps with total betting available on their websites because not everyone will agree on which is better and which is not.


After changing its name from William Hill, Caesars Sportsbook became a dominant force in the US industry in 2021 and 2022. It is probably the biggest brand in the sports betting section. The company is a major player with a well-established reputation among many American sports bettors and operates in almost every market that is legal.

Caesars Sportsbook Ohio provides a variety of wagering possibilities. It has a selection for you whether you simply want to predict the outcome of the game, forecast vital statistics for your favorite players, or combine numerous picks into one potentially profitable parlay. However, over/under is the most successful type of betting in Ohio for Caesars.


With its November 2021 launch and special features that enable the app to sync with live games, Fubo Sportsbook aims to advance the online sports betting market in the USA. It also delivers live coverage of important sports Through its FuboTV. Together, the two products create a distinctive live betting service.

With an average market depth for individual events, Fubo Sportsbook offers coverage of all significant US and international sports. Here at Fubo OH, pregame betting types are very diverse and desirable. One such bet type is the over/under bet which is quite famous in Ohio right now.


One of the earliest US online sportsbooks, BetMGM, debuted in the summer of 2018. It is online gaming and sports betting service provided by MGM Resorts International. BetMGM is powered by Borgata, one of the most well-known names in the sports betting business. That explains why it has taken the world by storm ever since its release.

In essence, BetMGM greatly broadens Ohio’s options for online sports betting. Furthermore, bettors may take advantage of the wide variety of different betting options, including over/under. That is ultimately the fundamental cause of BetMGM Ohio‘s quick flight in the sports betting market of Ohio.


On September 1, 2018, FanDuel Sportsbook made its debut in the United States before going live in several other states. Due to its excellent user interface, extensive selection of betting options, and technical ability to produce a superior betting experience, FanDuel is perhaps the greatest legal sportsbook.

The extensive coverage of sports provided by FanDuel Sportsbook is one of its most important features. Furthermore, FanDuel Ohio is fiercely competitive in one category of bets, even though the platform allows users to make a wide range of wagers: over/under wagers.


Even though Betfred is a famous brand internationally, its presence in the US is relatively new. In 2019 and 2020, Betfred entered the US market for the first time after forming deals with casinos in Colorado and Iowa to run their retail and mobile betting operations. However, since its founding in the 1960s, Betfred has grown to become the fourth-largest bookmaker in the UK.

Although Betfred concentrates more on some sports than others, it offers a wide variety of leagues, games, and sporting events for bets in general. Therefore, baseball and football are one of Betfred’s strongest areas, and as we all know, the most common sort of baseball and football wager is the over/under. As a result, it will not be wrong to say that over/under betting is the backbone of Betfred OH.

Predictions to use over/under betting in Ohio

Mike Allen, the writer of our sports betting predictions, offers his latest picks, including totals betting.

How to read and bet the Over/Under


You must determine whether the total score will be greater than or less than the oddsmakers’ prediction before placing an Over/Under wager. Furthermore, you must also decide whether to place your wager now or later because the Over/Under may change. Here, we’ll go over how to read and place over/under wagers on all of Ohio’s main sports.


Consider a Monday Night Football matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns. Most gamblers will only consider the Moneyline or point spread odds. But the over/under figure is what you’re more interested in. Let’s assume that the oddsmakers put the over/under betting line at 33.5 points because, statistically speaking, they are two very strong defensive teams.

You bet that the total points scored by both teams will be 33 points or less if you place an NFL Ohio Under wager. If you wager on the under, the Browns would score to make the final score 20-14. As a result of the Over being struck, you have lost the wager.


For instance, the total points posted at multiple Ohio sports betting sites is 222 for the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks matchup. So let’s say you bet $100 on the Under for the total points scored. If you bet on the under and the final score is 111-110, your total will be 221. Therefore, congrats; you just won $190.91. At those -110 odds, you will receive your $100 back plus a profit of $90.91. However, if you wager on the under and the final score is 112-111, that’s around 223 points. Unfortunately, you have lost the bet.


Let’s suppose Columbus Blue Jackets are playing the Minnesota Wild. The dealer has placed the total number of bets at 6. You need a game with a score of at most 3-2 or 4-1 if you’re betting the under. In hockey betting, there are no ties, therefore if regulation concludes with a score of 3-3, your bet will lose. The result will be 4-3 if there is a goal scored in overtime or the shootout. The Over bet would have been the right play here.

Totals & Over/under betting strategy


We could all use some advice, whether you’re a new bettor just getting started or a seasoned pro who frequently wagers on totals. Therefore, check out our collection of over/under betting advice before you make your next wager on totals in Ohio.

Line shopping for totals

Comparing odds at various Ohio sportsbooks and selecting the line that provides you with the best value is known as “line shopping.” Generally, before making any wager, bettors should compare odds. However, when it comes to over/under wagers, this may be even more crucial. Sportsbooks do not coordinate each other when setting their totals, and there can be significant differences between them. Even if the total is the same, the juice can differ and make one spot more valuable than another.

Conduct pre-game research

Ohio oddsmakers have access to a wealth of information, which gives them a significant advantage over casual bettors. The only way to close the gap is to know as much as you can about a contest, which necessitates some research. The amount of scoring in a game can be affected by a number of factors, including injuries, roster changes, current form, and the schedule.

A prominent buzzword used while discussing totals betting is pace. Therefore, estimating the pace is important when dealing with totals. Fast-paced games typically result in more points, whereas slower-paced games typically result in fewer points across a wide range of sports.

So, bettors must be aware of the tempo at which both teams typically play as well as any pertinent tendencies, such as home/away splits. Additionally, it’s important to consider how well the offensive and defenses will complement one another rather than just how effective they are individually.

Bet overs early and unders late

According to Ohio betting statistics, it makes sense to wager on overs as soon as feasible while delaying wagers on unders until closer to game time. Because casual bettors favor supporting points, the public has a tendency to wager later and substantially favors the over. As a result, totals may be inflated, offering value on the under soon before the game starts. For the same reason, anyone placing an over bet would prefer to do it before the public may raise the number.

This is a popular type of bet on the rivalry between Ohio State VS Michigan State games with odds.

Look for key numbers

Being on the right side of significant numbers can make the difference between winning and losing a football wager. Similar to point spreads, totals have important numbers. The main distinction is that the most typical combined score totals we see are the crucial numbers for over/unders.

Most Ohio online sportsbooks allow bettors to purchase and sell half points at a time, which allows for a wide variety of alternative totals. However, if the price is right, and you’re only a few points away from the closest important number, it can be worthwhile to pay a little bit more to cover it.

For instance, there are a handful of important totals in the NFL that begin with the digits 43, 44, 41, and 37. Then, 51, 47, 40, and 33 come next. It’s crucial to cover these numbers in the correct manner depending on whether you are choosing the over or the under. Obviously, you cannot cover every game’s key numbers. However, the objective is to cover as many as you can to increase your likelihood of winning the wager.

Tracking line movement

In addition to comparing totals odds from various sportsbooks, bettors should research odds since they were posted and monitor how they have changed over time. This can aid in the decision-making process by letting bettors know which way the odds are moving.

It can be challenging to find trustworthy information about open betting. However, knowing which side the majority supports is important information. This might reveal to bettors how much of an impact the public’s support has had on a certain total when compared to the line movement.

More odds types in Ohio:

Live over/under betting


The legalization of live betting for sports in the US and other countries is an exciting recent development. Now, you can wager on the action while it is taking place, just as it sounds. Due to the fast-paced nature of action, live betting can be an exciting way to place your over/under wagers. Sportsbooks usually display odds and numbers that change quickly. Therefore, to place their wagers at the desired numbers, bettors must act quickly.

Sports bettors may create in-play betting strategies depending on how a game is progressing and what the outcome might be. At the same time, some bettors might even wait until the game has begun before placing their bets. That is because they believe they will have a better idea of what to anticipate after watching the first few possessions take place.

FAQs Totals and Over/under betting in Ohio

Are over/under wagers and totals appropriate for novices in Ohio?

Yes. Many betting experts advise beginning bettors to employ these bet types when they begin their sports betting journey in Ohio.

What is a push?

Your wager can result in a push when you bet on totals. In order for this to occur, the final combined score of the game must exactly match the totals line established by the bookmaker where you made your over/under bet.

Do wagers on the over/under include overtime?

The answer is that any points scored during overtime will count toward your over/under prediction. Everything will include overtime, with the exception of some markets like first-half and fourth-quarter wagers.

Can you put totals bet in parlay?

Yes, you can. The price of any spread bet(s) in the parlay determines the possible payoff.

What does an Ohio 3-way total bet entail?

The usage of 3-way bets in betting totals is uncommon. In soccer, they are most frequently used for Moneyline wagers, which feature odds on each team as well as a match that ends in a draw.