Parlay betting in Ohio: How parlay bets work in OH

Ohio bettors are constantly searching for the best value. Making a parlay bet is only one way to achieve this. For many bettors, knowing which sportsbooks offer the best parlay odds can make the difference between playing on it or not.

Here, we’ll cover every detail related to parlay that can affect your decision to join a sportsbook in Ohio.

Parlay betting sites in Ohio 2024

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BetMGM Parlay betting BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
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Parlay bets explained


A parlay bet is one of the most common types of bet in sports betting.

Parlays are popular among bettors because they allow you to combine two or more bet selections into a single wager. They can comprise the following wagers from various games: point spreads, totals (over/under), moneyline bets, and more.

The odds grow with each subsequent bet selection added to the parlay. That is the reason why it becomes more challenging to win the wager. Small parlays have potential, but it becomes more challenging when players include eight or ten different wagers in one parlay. Still, parlays can be an exciting form of online gambling on sports. 

Best parlay betting sites in Ohio


If you’re looking for Ohio sports betting sites that offer the best parlay betting odds and platforms, you’ve come to the right place. We investigated every legal betting website in Ohio. We assessed them based on how frequently and what parlay betting they offer. 

Below are our results.


Caesars is among the top US sites for placing online sports wagers. When it bought William Hill, Caesars acquired expertise, talent, and technical prowess. The British bookmaking behemoth (William Hill) has developed into a significant and thriving company since it was founded in 1934.

Right now, it’s taking over Ohio’s betting market. To its advantage, Caesars now benefits from features such as its strong parlay betting. Same-game parlays are also available, with the option to design your same-game parlay to make your wager unique. 

Additionally, Caesars Ohio usually offers insurance bonus codes for same-game parlays during the most significant sporting events.


The BetMGM Ohio brand is well-known to American bettors. Therefore, BetMGM has positioned itself as one of the top legal online sportsbooks in the country since it opened in the United States in September 2019. It is also a trustworthy and safe source of legal sports betting in Ohio.

Operators must find ways to set themselves apart as the Ohio online sports betting market becomes more competitive. BetMGM has used a variety of tactics to get a competitive edge. Fortunately, the results show proof of how effective these tactics were. Parlay betting is one such feature. It essentially provides its own “One-Game Parlay,” which enables you to aggregate wagers on different games into a single parlay and Easy Parlay. Easy Parlay is a menu dedicated to building parlay wagers, as basic betting markets are displayed on one screen without any fluff. 


Ohio bettors are increasingly using the FanDuel Ohio website. 

FanDuel has created a thrilling online betting system that exceeds your expectations. Suppose you appreciate watching sports and using the most recent betting tools. In that case, this licensed sportsbook should be your go-to betting haven. Its website catches your eye and has all the information a trustworthy sportsbook could ever need.

FanDuel Sportsbook offers both novice and seasoned bettors a variety of appealing betting alternatives, such as parlay betting, to keep its title as the most popular sportsbook in the United States. It was also the first to provide same-game parlays in the US sports betting market. Before FanDuel made it available, no site offered SGP, and the new wager type quickly gained popularity. It became so popular that other well-known sportsbooks were forced to adopt their methods.


In September 2020, Betfred Sports opened its doors to US bettors. The parent firm of the sportsbook, though, has a history of 1967. With its extensive experience and strong reputation, Betfred, one of the largest sportsbooks in the UK, is now introducing a sports betting service to the Ohioan market. Furthermore, it also serves as the Denver Broncos’ authorized sports betting partner.

Betfred Ohio consistently outperforms many other sportsbooks in terms of the caliber of its parlays, which significantly contributes to its outstanding reputation. Multi-sport parlays are permitted at several different venues in Betfred OH. Their parlay spin wheel, an engaging and enjoyable way to parlay your bets, is their exceptional strength.

Best Ohio parlay betting sites features


The following are the best parlay features that you should look for in a sportsbook in Ohio while choosing one for yourself. So, let’s explore each of them:

Parlay bonuses

In Ohio, a promotion known as a parlay bonus pays bettors who execute successful parlays. On top of your regular profits, the bonus is frequently paid as a percentage bonus. If the bonus is a percentage, adding additional choices to your parlay will usually result in a greater rate. A five-leg parlay may prompt a 15% parlay bonus. In contrast, a four-leg parlay might be eligible for a 10% bonus.

Multi-sport parlays

Combining bets on various sports into one wager is one of the most significant advances since parlay betting was introduced. You can combine these moneyline wagers: FC Cincinnati, Golden State Warriors, and Cincinnati Bengals. 

Early cash out parlay

The early cash out option may go by a different name at several Ohio sportsbooks, but the basic idea is the same. The idea behind an early cash out is to allow bettors to settle a parlay and accept a payoff lower than the original sum before the event. The benefit of selecting this option is that regardless of how the bet is resolved, you can ensure some profit you can deposit.

Parlay insurance

A parlay bet might be challenging to win, as with all betting, especially if you’ve added many options. In light of this, some of Ohio’s top parlay betting sites provide parlay insurance promos. These promos offer some compensation if a bettor loses the parlay.

Usually, that solace is a wager bonus instead of the lost amount. The minimum number of selections, the maximum qualifying investment, the eligible markets, the sorts of bets, and the odds per selection can all be conditions of promotions like this.

Same game parlay

Recent advancements in online sports betting have made it possible to combine many prop bets from the same game into a single wager. Previously, you would have had to wager on each event separately rather than combining them in a parlay if you felt Will Levis would throw three or more touchdown passes and the Cincinnati Bengals would defeat the New York Jets.

However, thanks to the Same Game Parlay function provided by some of Ohio’s top sportsbooks, you may combine those wagers into one and receive immediate odds from the sportsbook.

Odds boosted parlays

A parlay boost is a standard parlay with improved odds, increasing your possibility of returning more winnings than the standard parlay. In Ohio, all well-known sports betting sites frequently provide parlay boosts, giving their bettors the ability to play on enhanced parlays spanning many sports.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to remember that the sportsbook creates these parlays, so they cannot accurately represent form, statistics, or even backing the favorite. Do some homework before betting on any boosted parlays in Ohio.

You can utilize the best Cleveland Browns odds for your parlay betting pleasure.

Parlay betting strategy for Ohio bettors


Due to their poor win percentage, sports betting fans might dislike parlays. However, you may do a few things to boost your profitability.

Correlating parlays with other bets

You may attempt to match your parlays with wagers that complement one another. For instance, you can’t take the Cavaliers spread and Moneyline in the same parlay. However, you can still hunt for wagers that match a narrative story. 

Let’s examine another hypothetical case. Consider that the Cavaliers are 14-point favorites when they play at home. They will score many points if you believe they will cover the spread. 

Consider betting on the Cavaliers with the over in that game if you think they can score many points. Of course, the Cavaliers can win and not go through, but those wagers are related well.

Staggering the times of the games

You may use them even more effectively by varying the game times you include in your parlays. For instance, there might be a game in the NFL at 2 p.m. ET, another at 5:25 p.m., and the Sunday Night Football game. If you win the first two games, you can hedge before the third game to lock in a profit. So, any sport with a variable start time can use this approach.

Circumvent betting limits

Utilizing parlays as a means of avoiding betting restrictions is another tactic. This probably will only apply to a few people. Therefore, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend you genuinely adore the total on an MLB game in Ohio that begins early in the day.

Because MLB betting restrictions can be substantially lower than those for an NFL game, some professional gamblers will combine that wager with several smaller parlays to boost the amount of money they can wager on the MLB game.

Note: The limits for sports betting markets can exceed thousands of dollars. 

Include underdogs

In a parlay, be bold and include a few underdogs. These are relatively risky ventures, as we well know. Even the top teams lose more often than you may expect when you place a four-team Moneyline parlay with many heavy favorites. For instance, a baseball club with 100 victories wins about 60% of its games. The NFL follows a similar pattern, with most teams winning between five and ten games.

Parlay bets work best with state rivalries, including Ohio State versus Michigan odds.

Check out other odds types in Ohio:

Hedging your parlay bet


The concept of hedging is crucial to parlay betting. When a few parlay legs start to pay out, this is the time to gamble to ensure yourself some form of payoff. Here’s one instance where this would be appropriate.

Let’s say that you’re placing bets on five NFL point spreads. The wagers were spread out so that the first four legs occurred during the day, and the last leg occurred during Sunday Night Football. In this case, you successfully predicted the first four games with the night game still to play. The moment is here for hedging.

The Cincinnati Bengals at -4.5 against the Pittsburgh Steelers is your night’s final wager. You would receive a sizable reward if the Bengals covered, but you would risk losing your entire bet if they didn’t. So, you would place a single wager against the Bengals to hedge.

With -110 odds on each of the five spread bets, the payout would result in a $243.59 profit on a $10 investment. If you hedge, you will get a smaller payoff. However, by hedging, you would ensure that you placed at least one winning wager. This wager will reduce your risk of suffering a loss.

FAQ Parlay betting Ohio

Can the same game be parlayed?

Yes, you can create Same Game Parlays. However, there are some limitations, like not adding the moneyline and point spread to one betslip.

Is parlay betting legal in Ohio?

Yes. Parlay betting is legal in Ohio. It launched online sports betting on January 1, 2023.

What are parlay cards?

Parlay cards are traditionally found in retail sportsbooks. You must select no less than three games from the list they provide. This enables sportsbooks to calculate your overall payment.

Why should I bet a parlay in Ohio?

A parlay ticket offers much higher payouts than a single wager. Therefore, you can place a tiny bet in a parlay and potentially win big.

What sports can you parlay bet?

A parlay wager is acceptable for any sport. Even better, you can combine different sports to create a multi-sport parlay.