Miami Valley Gaming in Ohio

Are you a traveler who likes to visit casinos on your way?

Or are you just in the area and have been hearing about the famous Miami Valley and would like to know what the fuss is all about?

Whatever your reason is for being here, you’re in the right place.

Because in this article, we’ll discuss everything you’ll possibly want to know about Miami Valley. Starting off from its history all the way to the tiny questions you have at the tip of your tongue. 

Miami Valley has everything a racing enthusiast looks for, so being interested in it was certainly a good idea. In Miami Valley, you might just find what’s been missing in all the racinos you’ve visited! We won’t bore you any longer, so let’s cut to the chase and get started!

Address:6000 OH-63, Lebanon, OH 45036
Phone NR:+1 513-934-7070


Welcome to Ohio’s race casino paradise, Miami Valley Gaming.

The story all started in 1948 when Lebanon Raceway opened to the public. Full of fame and loved by all, Lebanon Raceway was known as the home of the legendary Ohio Sire Stakes. 

This was a raceway event that ran every year, starting in the month of May. Due to its handy location, the Ohio Sire Stakes immediately gained popularity amongst racing enthusiasts. After a short while, it was established as a local sporting institution. 

So when did Miami Valley Gaming come into play?

It began when John Kasich, a former Ohio governor, approved Video Lottery Terminals. This led to the progression of race meetings and eventually was called a Racino (race casino).

And since the Lebanon Raceway has been in business since 1948, its facilities did not meet the requirements of the newly introduced technologies needed for a Racino.

Fortunately, Miami Valley Gaming opened with the help and backing of a racetrack and a gaming & entertainment company. This all-new venue cost its investors a whopping $215 million just for its development. But in the end, it was all worth it. 

From then till now, Miami Valley has been a well-known and adored racino whose racing season runs from January through May. 

The action runs five days a week, that’s Sunday to Thursday. And on Fridays and Saturdays, there is still plenty of racing to enjoy. 

Let’s dive deeper into Miami Valley Gaming’s features. Allow us to answer all of your questions through this article. 

Betting Types

Now before you book a trip or plan a drive to the Miami Valley Gaming, you should know what to expect first. You wouldn’t want to leave your experience to the element of surprise. 

Since Miami Valley is a racino, you can pretty much expect a racetrack and a couple of gambling facilities full of slot machines, roulette, and others.

Once you enter Miami Valley, their 2,200+ slot machines will astonish you. This is definitely a breathtaking fact for all slot machine lovers. With 2,200+ machines, you can rest assured you’ll find something for your taste, budget, and patience!

And when it comes to the main subject, Ohio’s live horse betting will always be the best. 

It’s not just the paddock, the money, or the quality that keeps customers coming back. It is actually the feeling of pride that runs through you as you cash out your winning slip on the counter after each race. 

For those who hate to wait (nobody enjoys waiting), you’re in for a treat in Miami Valley. And that’s because you don’t have to wait for a race on the track to play the ponies! 

Miami Valley boasts its daily simulcasting of every single United States harness racing meeting. You’ll experience the action through the big screens as you rest your back on the sofas of the simulcast lounge.

Sports Betting

Unfortunately, there are no available sports betting facilities in Miami Valley. 

But, don’t be disheartened, because we believe that this is about to change very soon.

Why so?

Because in 2022, Ohio’s legislature made it known to all that they are signing a bill to permit sports betting in Ohio. This new law has already taken effect on the very 1st of January 2023. 

This big change has awakened and excited all bettors and companies not just in Ohio but almost everywhere around. 

And so, of course, what else do we expect aside from the best racino in the state taking advantage of this news? 

Numerous racetracks and racinos have already announced partnerships with the most popular and licensed betting apps. We look forward to Miami Valley’s most awaited announcement.

As you wait, you may enjoy the other resources Miami Valley offers that are just as fun. On-track wagers and multiple slots should keep you entertained while they make up their mind about sports betting. 


Miami Valley is not just all about betting and wagering.

Since it is run by a gaming and entertainment company, they certainly could not miss out on quality comfort and venue.

So if you’re not into the whole racino concept, or if you’d like to bring a friend who’s new to all of it, you won’t have to worry. Miami Valley has other options for you.

And we’re not just talking about the common restaurants and hotels that most casinos offer. Sure Miami Valley has those, but that’s not all!

Once you enter the premise, their live music will give you a warm welcome. Bands and soloists on the stage will keep you entertained and relaxed as you go on with your plans. The live music starts every 9 pm and until midnight every Friday to Sunday.

The venue also has a bar where you won’t only find delicate liquor but also bands in its center every Friday to Saturday.


Let’s talk cuisine, shall we?

Everyone gets a little hungry after all the fun. 

In Miami Valley, you’ll find Cin City, an upscale seafood restaurant and steakhouse. 

And how good is the food you may ask? Well, in 2022 it was voted Best in Class through four different categories. Those are Best Overall Service, Best Seafood, Best Steakhouse, and Best Place to Celebrate. 

These many awards are enough to let you know that the cuisine is definitely worth a try!

This seafood restaurant and steakhouse are open every Thursday to Saturday. The latest of the bookings are at 10 pm. Unfortunately, due to high demand, Cin City follows a strict reservation-only policy, so make sure to book yours!

But, if you’re on an unplanned trip, don’t worry because Miami Valley has three other cuisine shops just for you. And, they’re all located right next to the gaming floor for your accessibility.

If you’re looking for something Italian, Lucia will welcome you with their full range of pasta and pizzas. Route 63 specializes in all-American classic dishes. And the newly opened Trifecta offers tacos and multiple takeaway options as well. 

These three are open every day from 11 am to 8 pm. But on Wednesdays until Saturdays, they are open for an additional 2 hours, which means closing time extends until 10 pm.

So much leisure for a racino. Miami Valley definitely won’t disappoint your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Miami Valley Gaming in Ohio

Does Miami Valley Gaming allow smoking and vaping inside their premises?

Smoking and vaping are not illegal in Miami Valley Gaming. However, all customers and guests who wish to smoke or vape are to stay in the smoking patios located both north and south of the venue.

How do I find Miami Valley Gaming?

You may find Miami Valley Gaming at 6000 W State Route 63, Lebanon, OH 45036. In addition, you may contact them for more directions at (513) 934-7070.

How many slot machines does Miami Valley Gaming have?

There are about more than 2,200 slot machines in Miami Valley, and they are looking to add more soon.