Barstool with PENN Entertainment launches VIP program for Hollywood casinos

Ohio has emerged as a hub for the gambling industry, with PENN Entertainment’s presence rapidly expanding in the wake of Ohio sports betting.

PENN’s four Hollywood-branded casino properties across the state offer retail sportsbooks. The Barstool Sportsbook app is also accessible to users. In addition, PENN has introduced a new loyalty program, PENN Play, which allows customers to earn and redeem “PENN Cash” through various means, such as gaming, dining, shopping, or staying at the company’s hotel locations.

PENN Play loyalty program

With the advent of PENN Play, customers can now earn rewards through any of PENN’s apps, including the standalone PENN Play app and the PENN Wallet for contactless payment. Jay Snowden, CEO and President of PENN, has revealed that the rebranding of the loyalty program to PENN Play is aimed at providing a more seamless omni-channel experience for customers by aligning all of their brands under the PENN umbrella.

The new program offers a range of membership levels, each with its own set of benefits and rewards. New users can receive up to $60 in PENN Cash as a welcome bonus, and to celebrate the launch of PENN Play, the company is giving away $1.5 million in PENN Cash and other prizes to program members.

PENN Play is designed to offer an enhanced customer experience, and it is evident from the company’s efforts to incentivize users that they are committed to providing the best possible service. By introducing a range of membership tiers, PENN is catering to customers of all levels, from casual gamers to high rollers.

PENN Play app: what can loyal customers expect?

The standalone PENN Play app is easy to navigate and provides users with a wealth of options for earning and redeeming rewards. With the PENN Wallet feature, users can now make contactless payments at participating locations, making the process of earning rewards even more convenient.

PENN’s decision to expand its presence in Ohio has proven to be a wise one, given the state’s growing appetite for sports betting and gambling. By offering both retail sportsbooks and a digital platform, PENN is catering to customers who prefer different modes of gambling.

PENN Play to use at local casinos

The company’s Hollywood-branded casino properties have become popular destinations for both locals and tourists, thanks to their proximity to major cities and their extensive offerings. With the introduction of PENN Play, PENN has added another layer of convenience and value for its customers, and it is clear that the company is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for its users.

In conclusion, PENN Entertainment’s expansion in Ohio has been a resounding success, thanks to the company’s innovative approach to the gambling industry. The introduction of PENN Play has taken the customer experience to the next level, offering a range of rewards and benefits that cater to users of all levels.

With the PENN Wallet feature, users can now make contactless payments, making the process of earning rewards even more convenient. PENN’s commitment to providing the best possible service is evident from their efforts to incentivize users, and it is clear that PENN (Barstool Sportsbook Ohio) are dedicated to maintaining their position as a leader in the gambling industry.