Matt Kaulig Takes Different Route To NASCAR

Ohio-born Matt Kaulig is the epitome of hard work and passion. These attributes and impeccable reputation have led him to NASCAR and have helped bring his racing team to the limelight. To begin with, he was a quarterback at the University of Akron, where he had great achievements at the college level. In 2015, he was also part of the Zips’ Hall of Fame.

Asides from being the Executive Chairman of the Kaulig Companies Limited, Matt is a well-established philanthropist and entrepreneur. In fact, his Leaf Filter gutter company is one of the leading direct-to-consumer companies.

Through his Leaf Filter Gutter Protection technology, Matt Kaulig established his identity as an effective entrepreneur.

This article explains how Matt Kaulig took a different route to NASCAR, from the formation of the Gutter company to his sponsorship and involvement in NASCAR. Stay tuned!

Formation of the Gutter Company

Matt Kaulig came up with the LeafFilter Gutter Protection company in 2005. Although the company was founded in his basement, it has consistently thrived over the years. It is now of the most profitable establishments of its kind, with over 130 offices in the US and Canada.

How was Kaulig Racing started?

Although Matt Kaulig does not come from a racing family, his father was part of NASCAR. His dad worked for Raybestos Brakes company which had a sponsorship with NASCAR. Therefore, it is through his father that Kaulig Racing has grown into a successful entity.

Matt’s experience with NASCAR and the Indy races drew him closer to the sport. He started gaining interest despite his split focus on other sports. Matt was also into American sports, such as baseball and football. In the midst of all these activities, racing still took precedence.

The workings of NASCAR intrigued Matt, and he decided to join the industry. The project was set for takeoff after deliberations with the now President of Kaulig Racing, Chris Rice.

They hired the relevant staff, from drivers to engineers. Kaulig and Chris built a race shop. Consequently, Matt and his team launched Kaulig Racing.

The team, Kaulig Racing, was formed in 2016. Since then, Kaulig and his team have continued to make major advancements. Their unit now includes several cars.

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Kaulig Racing joins the NASCAR platform.

When his Leaf Filter company gained prominence, Matt followed in his father’s footsteps. He joined NASCAR in 2014 as one of its sponsors, and this went on for two years.

Currently, his team is six years into the Xfinity Series and three years into the Cup Series. When he was starting out, Matt Kaulig was aware that his team needed help. Therefore, he sought the help of Richard of Childress Racing. The result was a technical partnership that included the use of ECR engines.

Kaulig Racing became part of the NASCAR Cup Series after being successful with the Xfinity Series. Additionally, Matt has recently decided to elevate the organization by buying a pair of two charters.


Currently, the team has five cars and drivers. Three Chevrolet are in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, while two are full-time cars in the NASCAR Cup Series.

In total, Kaulig Racing has 15 wins, three pole positions, 77 finishes as part of the top five, and 173 races as part of the top ten.

Matt affirms that the team is extremely focused on winning NASCAR races and championships. According to him, stock car racing is one of a kind, and one cannot find any other better sport on the planet. He also believes that stock car racing has the best fans.

Kaulig said:

“I think NASCAR is the best sport on the planet. It’s the most exciting and super fun to watch. I think it has the best fans. We are building something really special.”

Why is Matt Kaulig successful in his ventures?

According to Matt Kaulig, his experiences with Leaf Filter and Akron have shaped his skills in sports and management.

From his statement, he identifies leadership as the key factor in his success journey. For instance, he had to fill in the shoes of a leader when he was a quarterback at Akron.

His success at NASCAR comes from the leadership roles he had to play in the past. Despite the stiff competition in NASCAR, Kaulig’s team has promising odds.

Other business ventures by Kaulig

In addition to gutter and NASCAR, Matt Kaulig has other successful entities. He has a media company- Kaulig Media, alongside his own philanthropic foundation.

Kaulig’s media company focuses on digital marketing, branding, and event management. The foundation is known as Kaulig Giving, and it assists children or families from Northeast Ohio. Kaulig Giving is quite new as Matt established it in 2018. Despite this, it has managed to get over 100 partnerships with related entities.


Matt has a proven record of coming up with new ventures that thrive. In light of this, there is no doubt that he is taking Kaulig Racing to great heights.

Finally, Matt is still part of the Akron Zips community, and he assists in the school’s football programs. And he sponsors some of their events. How NASCAR will perform in the Ohio sports betting market remains to be seen.