Mico Betting in Ohio How to Bet

Mico Betting in Ohio: Where and How to Bet

The popularity of micro betting in Ohio has skyrocketed in recent weeks. It’s a new type of instant betting that even those who don’t follow sports can understand.

Live betting is getting more lucrative every day. Consequently, betting sites are constantly looking for methods to increase revenue in order to appease their investors.

The same is the case in Ohio. However, this article will cover every aspect of micro-betting.

We will explain micro-betting in detail, provide its benefits, drawbacks, and how to use and place micro bets without any problems when it launches in as a form of betting in Ohio.

Launch of Micro betting in Ohio

Jake Paul, an Ohio native, is introducing a new sports betting business to the Buckeye State. The YouTuber-turned-boxer will play a key role in the opening of Ohio’s Betr Sportsbook, which will go live soon after the legalization of mobile sports betting in Ohio.

The mobile app is primarily focused on “micro-betting”, which the business hopes will be a new and enhanced version of live betting on sports as several events unfold.

Through a collaboration with the Hall of Fame Village, Instabet, formerly known as Betr, submitted an application for an online betting license. Since then, Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment has formally declared its new collaboration to bring Betr to Ohio’s betting market.

Thanks to their new 10-year partnership deal, the two parties will be cooperating for the foreseeable future.

Jake Paul's micro betting app Betr in Ohio
Jake Paul’s micro betting app Betr is set to launch soon in Ohio.

What is Micro betting?

In essence, micro betting blends prop betting with live betting. With live betting, bets can be made while a game is in progress. Prop bets, on the other hand, depend on events that may or may not be directly related to the result.

A micro bet offers immediate results on a wager that you can either win or lose fast. You might place a wager on the result of the next drive rather than waiting for the NFL game’s final score.

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Another example is micro-betting on an MLB game where things change as different events occur. Here, you may make a little wager on the outcome of the upcoming at-bat.

The main distinction between live betting and micro betting is that the latter will settle considerably more quickly. Moreover, you don’t need to wait until the end of a quarter to discover if you won a game.

Micro sports betting’s popularity and expansion coincide with the increase of online betting through sportsbook apps.

With today’s technology, sportsbooks can handle data in real time, deliver odds swiftly, and bettors can respond to the rapidly changing odds by submitting a bet slip promptly.

What sports are the best for Micro betting in Ohio?

Almost every sport has the potential for Micro betting in Ohio. If there are live betting markets accessible for a certain sport, micro bets are also probably available.

Nevertheless, there are micro bets available for wagering on the following sports in Ohio thus far:

MLB ⚾️

Micro-betting is pretty common in baseball games. While some of the wagers, in this case, are more precise than others, overall, you should expect quick turnaround times on your outcomes.

Pay attention to certain innings, pitches, or even batting alternatives when placing your bets. There are several baseball micro-betting choices available at Ohio sportsbooks, and it will be best to take the following into consideration:

  • Team to score in a listed inning: These bets can be made on whether a team will score in a forthcoming inning.
  • Result of at-bat: You can wager on specific at-bats rather than entire innings.
  • Inning moneyline or total: Instead of placing a wager on the result of the entire game, you can place one on which team will score more runs in the following inning or the overall tally of runs scored in the inning.
  • Result of pitch: You can wager on what will occur on the upcoming pitch if you want incredibly quick action, but you’ll need to act quickly to place your bet successfully.

We can see that some of them are more precise than others. Asides from the moneyline and totals bet, bettors can concentrate on a certain inning and whether a team will score, but it also goes deeper than that.

Specific pitches and at-bats are also available if you’re searching for something even more detailed and swift.


If you enjoy watching football, the NFL may offer exciting micro bets. Bet on the execution of a certain play by your preferred team or the outcome of a drive. You can bet on specifics, such as whether a field goal will be good or wildly off course.

You can also bet on a punt, turnover, touchdown play, and other events. Here are some interesting NFL micro betting options:

  • Next drive result: You will bet on the result of the very next drive. Through data like points per drive, it may be simpler to estimate this than the outcome of the next play.
  • Field goal make/miss: To place this type of micro bet, it will be best to consider factors like the weather and the kicker’s recent performance when determining whether or not a field goal will be made.
  • Next play result: This involves betting on the outcome of the upcoming snap. Furthermore, you could bet on the outcome or the kind of play that is executed. Here, bettors can place bets based on the driving outcome of whether there will be a touchdown play, a turnover, or a punt. They may also have the chance to place a wager on whether or not the kick will go through the uprights as teams line up for field goals.


Due to the fast-paced nature of the games, micro bets in basketball can be a little difficult. Not every sportsbook in Ohio offers them because they are only available on specific micro betting marketplaces.

Therefore, NBA bettors must act quickly to place their wagers while keeping track of the game’s developments.

  • Next basket: Only the next basket is available for micro betting. Punters can wager on the next basket with their bet aiming at two-point field goal team 1, three-point field goal team 1, two-point field goal team 2, or three-point field goal team 2.


Here is another fast-moving sport with a wide variety of live betting options. But due to how quickly things happen, it can be challenging to identify micro-betting opportunities.

However, there are a few choices for micro betting, such as:

  • Goal Scored – Listed Time: In this bet, bettors must select “yes” or “no” when determining whether a goal will be scored during a period that spans 10 minutes of play.

Golf ⛳️

The PGA Tour is one of the most preferred and useful microbetting alternatives at mobile sportsbooks due to the pace of the game. Every shot takes a little while to complete, so gamblers have time to place their micro wagers.

Golf betting may be a suitable choice if you’re looking for a slower-paced micro betting option. The most famous micro bet for golf betting is:

  • Hole Winner: There are two money lines and a tie by the group for each hole. A three-way moneyline with both players and a tie as alternatives is presented to bettors for the winner of a certain hole.

On most holes, a tie is typically the favorite, even if choosing a certain player to win a hole pays out more. Although lines will be accessible just before the group approaches the hole provided, punters cannot place this bet while the hole is in play.

Soccer ⚽️

Flash betting markets have begun experimenting with global soccer, but it is challenging due to the intense action and little downtime.

There are possibilities for you whether you choose to wager on the MLS, English Premier League, La Liga, Major League Soccer, or any other league, such as:

  • Next goal (two-way moneyline): Speculate on which team will score the following goal. Bettors would, however, receive a refund if neither team scored.
  • Next goal (three-way moneyline): With neither team being the third possibility, this is a wager on which team will score the following goal.
  • Total corners — listed time: You can bet on how many corners kicks there will be overall in a soccer match.

Depending on the game, league, and sportsbook, there may be additional alternatives, but these are some of the more common ones.

Where can I find micro-betting options at Ohio online sportsbooks?

You need to know exactly where to discover these options on your application before you can make any bets on micro-betting lines at Ohio online sportsbooks. Thankfully, the procedure is simple.

Within a few minutes of starting, you will be ready to place micro bets on your favorite sports market. Below are step-by-step procedures that any Ohioan resident can easily follow:

  1. Find a valid and trustworthy online betting site in Ohio that offers micro-betting.
  2. Create an account by going through all the required steps of the betting site.
  3. You can access all the available markets by clicking the website section “Live.”
  4. Locate your favorite sport, and then the particular game you seek. To view other betting possibilities, click the game.
  5. Search for the ‘Live Props’ section. A particular game’s Popular section may also contain options.
  6. Make your micro bet choice, add the market to your bet slip, and place your wager before the odds change.

Mobile app 📱

You can also place micro bets through mobile by following the step-by-step guide given below:

  1. Choose the sports betting site and download its mobile app (latest version) either from the Google play store/apple store, or directly from the website.
  2. Fill out the registration form completely and accurately. You will get a confirmation email after submitting your application and accepting the terms and conditions. Now, click the email link to access your account and log in.
  3. Find the micro bets section, select your sport, and then the game in the same way as the website version. Then your bet is successfully placed.

Benefits and drawbacks of micro-betting in Ohio

In this section, we’ll go over all the pros and cons of micro bets in Ohio to help evaluate the market before placing a bet.

Advantages 🙂

  • One of the main benefits is that it is essentially one of the easiest betting options in Ohio. Setting up and placing a wager on the game is really simple. However, to take advantage of the opportunity, you may need to act quickly in some games.
  • This bet is extremely fast. You don’t have to wait for the game to end for like hours before you find out how your stake did.
  • Micro bets also provide entertainment and thrill that most other bets don’t. Anything might happen on the very next play of the game, and because you have staked money on it, you are continuously on the edge of your seat. All of these combined heightens the thrill of betting.

Drawbacks 😔

  • Due to their speed, micro bets can be risky for some people as they might be tempted to continually place new bets in an attempt to recover all losses. This is because they are betting on things that can be determined in less than a minute. As a result, they may quickly lose the majority or all of their funds.
  • Since this type of betting is ongoing, it necessitates snap judgments and offers lots of variety. As a result, micro betting can become very addictive. Moreover, all of these elements particularly appeal to those who are at risk of developing gambling problems.


Micro-betting is the future of sports betting, not just in Ohio but the whole US. It is like a revolution in the sports betting industry, and many popular sportsbooks are preparing to include this betting in their market.

Also, it is profitable for both the sportsbook and the bettor asides from being thrilling and enjoyable. Therefore, it can be an important avenue and choice for anyone who wants to have fun at sports betting in Ohio.

We hope our article has greatly helped you understand micro-betting, its benefits, drawbacks, and how you can start placing micro bets as a newcomer in Ohio.

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