Prepaid Card Betting Sites Ohio 2024

Prepaid card betting sites have always been common, but not many know them. To use prepaid cards for online betting, you need to buy the card with funds preloaded to bet with. It is easy to use and has its pros and cons.

This guide will interest you if you’re looking for prepaid card sportsbooks in Ohio.

Prepaid Card betting sites in OH 2024

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Prepaid Card Sportsbooks in OH


Thankfully, many leading names in the betting industry offer prepaid card betting. These Ohio sports betting sites allow users to deposit funds instantly and place bets on their favorite sports. It’s reliable and safe, so you’ll have nothing to worry about if you prefer this method.

We have compiled a list of prepaid card betting sites in Ohio to help you get started. They are fully licensed to operate in Ohio and offer bonuses to new customers.

  • BetRivers: This platform offers a Play+ card for prepaid customers. It is a top choice because of its low fees and incredible approval rate. Also, BetRivers allows customers to cash out with this prepaid card. You’ll be able to withdraw your funds or transfer them without a hassle.
  • FanDuel: The FanDuel in OH also provides the prepaid card, Play+. You’ll fund the card by bank transfer or other popular debit and credit cards.
  • DraftKings: You can use prepaid cards on DraftKings Ohio because the sportsbook provides its prepaid card. The fees are cheap, and customers can use the card for other purposes, such as online shopping. You can also use a credit or debit card to fund it, and the transaction is completely free.

How to use a prepaid card at an Ohio betting site


Prepaid cards are easy to use. You simply need to load the card and use it to fund your betting account. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the card.

Add money to the card

There are two main ways to fund your prepaid card. However, the most common one is from a debit card. Bank transfers work as well and maybe the cheapest option. Some banks provide easy payment options to load your prepaid card. So you can send the funds from your account to the card directly.

Select prepaid card sportsbooks in Ohio to sign up in

We have highlighted some tested and trusted prepaid card sportsbooks in OH to make it easier. You’ll be able to enjoy anonymity and security since you do not need to share your banking details.

Select deposit method

Register and deposit funds when you choose from any of our recommended sites. Before depositing, select the prepaid card as your deposit option. Fill in the prepaid card information and confirm the transaction.

  • Enter card PIN: When you load the funds into the prepaid card, you can transfer them to your betting account. As with other cards like Visa, you’ll need a PIN to complete the transaction. Ensure that you fill in the details correctly.
  • Start betting: Once you confirm the transaction, you’ll receive the funds in your betting account. You can begin to place your bets.

Pros and cons of using prepaid cards on OH betting sites


You’ll find numerous benefits if you use prepaid cards for online activities such as betting. As with anything, though, there are areas where it could be better.


  • Reduced overspending. The first and most important perk of prepaid cards is that it reduces what you can spend. Since the amount is fixed, you cannot spend more than what is available.
  • Security. Prepaid cards are safe since they are not connected to your bank account. If you prefer anonymity, prepaid card betting sites in Ohio are ideal.
  • User-friendly. With prepaid cards, you’ll not need any special technical know-how. Depositing is easy and instant.
  • Accessible. Prepaid cards are easy to get. You don’t need to pass through a lengthy process at the bank to get them.
  • Eligibility for bonuses. With a prepaid card, you can qualify for bonuses on sportsbooks. Whether it is a welcome bonus or a cashback bonus, you’ll qualify for it.


  • Lower limits. Prepaid cards only contain small denominations. This means you’ll need to do more than one transaction if you’re a high roller.
  • More stressful to procure. Like regular cards, you need to visit the store to get them. If you choose the virtual option, you may need to divulge personal information that defeats the card’s purpose.
  • Fees. Prepaid card betting sites in Ohio charge more fees for deposits. The fees may not be much when you use the card but can accumulate after a while of use.
  • Multiple cards. You may need multiple cards, especially if you’re a high roller. This will allow you to deposit more than once.

Types of prepaid cards

There is more than one type of prepaid card for online betting. Knowing them will help you to choose the most suitable option. Reading the terms and conditions before picking prepaid card betting sites in Ohio is essential. Below are the types of prepaid cards for online betting.

Reloadable prepaid cards

This type of card is like a regular debit card. You can carry it anytime as long as you top it off. It’s easy to use them since you only need to visit the shop to load them. After funding it, you can use it to bet at your convenience. Also, this card allows users to withdraw their winnings from the bank or in cash.

Prepaid gift cards

This card is the same as Apple or Amazon gift cards. However, it is specific to online betting. This makes it an excellent gift for friends who love betting on sports.

Virtual prepaid cards

In prepaid card betting sites in Ohio, you don’t need physical cards. Everything takes place online. You’ll only need to top it off online and set limits to prevent overspending.

Voucher prepaid card

This type of prepaid card allows users to fund their accounts by purchasing a scratch card or voucher. To use this card, they’ll scratch the card to reveal the number and input it into the betting accounts to transfer the funds.

Prepaid Card Betting Sites Ohio FAQs


What fees do I need to pay to use prepaid cards for online sports betting?

The fees depend on the card provider and the type of card. For instance, you may pay some fees to purchase the card itself. In other cases, you’ll pay more if you need to load more than one card.

Are bonuses available for prepaid cards in Ohio?

With prepaid cards, you’ll remain eligible for bonuses. Most sportsbooks allow you to claim bonuses, especially if they provide their prepaid cards.

Which bookmakers accept prepaid cards?

The prepaid card betting sites in Ohio include BetRivers, FanDuel, and DraftKings. Most have prepaid cards that customers can use for other purposes.