PlayPlus Betting Sites Ohio 2024

Play+, also known as PlayPlus or the Play+ Card, is a deposit method that includes elements of e-wallets and prepaid debit cards for convenience and speedy transactions.

These cards come with no deposit fees and instant withdrawals. Anyone can apply for the Play+ prepaid card, as this is one of the most popular deposit methods.

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Best sportsbooks with PlayPlus as payment option

Most betting apps around the world and online sportsbooks accept Play+ deposits, including DraftKings and BetMGM. Let us take a look at these betting sites:

  • DraftKings: Most suitable for mobile bettors. Also, one of the best-known legal sportsbooks for American bettors, DraftKings is a hassle-free online betting site. DraftKings has already obtained licenses to operate in additional states. Overall, players can quickly deposit and withdraw money using PayPlus.
  • BetMGM: Play+ provides a fast and easy way to deposit and cash out while playing online at BetMGM. Play+ has a very high approval rate when putting in funds and is easy to use. It is also a great way to manage your money and can be used everywhere Discover® is accepted. Since this Play+ card is not a credit card, there is no waiting for credit approval. In addition, there are also no credit limits and no credit checks to worry about.

How PlayPlus works

play+ ohio betting sites

Similar to using a debit or credit card, depositing with Play+ is also easy and convenient when funding an online betting account. It is like any other online payment method on betting sites.

The bettor’s first successful deposit prompts Play+ to mail an actual card to their registered street address within ten to fourteen days. The first-ever deposit occurs instantly in real-time.

Here it is in the step-by-step form:

  1. Log in to your online betting account.
  2. Visit the cashier or the deposit method dropdown list and select “Play+.”
  3. Select “register/enroll” or “add funds.”
  4. After enrolling, put in the credit or debit card details of PlayPlus.
  5. Put in an amount to deposit to your Play+ account.
  6. Put in an amount to move from Play+ to your online betting account.

Bettors may also fund Play+ accounts via eCheck if they want to use something other than a credit or debit card. When depositing, players or bettors can also select eCheck as their deposit method and submit the necessary information and documents to transfer funds from the bank to Play+.

PlayPlus Pros


Play+ is a popular deposit method like other e-wallets and banking options, and it is tough to name any disadvantages. Many Ohio sports betting sites or sportsbooks even recommend it as the first deposit method a new customer should use.

However, Play+ may not work for everyone, so below are some of PlayPlus’ advantages and disadvantages for your reference.

Reliable alternative for declined debit or credit card deposits

PlayPlus is handy for most bettors who have had problems placing an amount with a credit or debit card. Banks and cards still have guidelines that unquestionably reject deposits to a few online betting sites, even licensed and legal. For anyone who has experienced this problem, PlayPlus is an excellent payment alternative because bettors can quickly create an account and deposit with a Discover Card, MasterCard, or Visa with their Play+ account.

Speedy withdrawals

Play+ withdrawals are a speedy means by which bettors can claim their withdrawals. After the new bettor creates a Play+ account, they can easily link them to their favorite online betting accounts for swift withdrawals. After a Play+ withdrawal, bettors can transfer the funds to their personal bank accounts. They can also use their physical Play+ cards to withdraw cash that accepts Discover at ATMs or make purchases at any dealers they choose.

Rapid deposits

Play+ adds barely extra time and almost no waiting time to the deposit procedures. Bettors can enroll/register and place their first-ever deposit within minutes, get to online betting, and play within just a few minutes. It is almost as fast as depositing with a straight credit or debit card but with a higher success rate. After completing a transaction, future Play+ deposits will be even at full tilt because bettors already have a funding method and account number ready.

PlayPlus Cons

A unique Play+ account is required for each online sportsbook

The most notable disadvantage of Play+ users is that they must have a separate account for each online betting site, which is okay.

For example, if a bettor signs up for a Play+ account to use at DraftKings Ohio and then switches to BetMGM Ohio, they must enroll in Play+ again after signing up at DraftKings.

Other payment options:

PlayPlus Betting Sites Ohio FAQs


Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding Play+ online betting deposits, withdrawals, and others. Online betting sites have a certain amount of scope in setting their own Play+ deposit and withdrawal policies.

Does Play+ charge any fees?

Yes. Fees vary by online betting sites in Ohio, but most demand nothing for withdrawals and deposits. For example, you’ll likely run into fees at your ATM when withdrawing winnings.

How can I fund my Play+ card?

Bettors can fund their Play+ accounts with a debit card, credit card, or checking account. Play+ accepts Discover, Mastercard, and Visa Cards.
Bettors and customers should also remember that they can complete their first-ever deposits before receiving their physical Play+ card at their address and without leaving their betting site’s payment method or cashier.

Why do I need to be asked for my Social Security Number?

Federal law requires all payment methods or processors in the United States to verify the identity and especially the age of every bettor and customer. As a result, Play+ must ask all bettors for their names, dates of birth, addresses, and social security numbers.

Is Play+ a safe deposit method?

Yes. Play+ is an authorized payment method to offer payment processing services to online PlayPlus betting sites in Ohio. Additionally, Play+ protects all customer funds in an FDIC-insured bank account. Nothing will surely disappoint any player or bettor in this industry.